Marlborough, MA
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  • How much does it cost to play baseball for MYBA?
    • The cost for a single player is $100 per season
  • How do I register my child for baseball in MYBA?
    • Simply fill out the registration form and mail it, along with payment, to the address on the form.  For a registration form, (CLICK HERE).
  • Is there a discount if I have more than 1 child playing baseball?
    • Yes.  1st child is $100, 2nd is $90, 3rd is $50, 4th is FREE.
  • When does the season start?
    • The season usually starts the 3rd week of April.  However, the weather and field conditions will dictate the opening date.  The City of Marlborough own the fields, so they will let us know when we can use them and we will let all the families know when the date will be.
  • Will there be practices prior to the season starting?
    • YES.  March and April tend to be pretty wet months, so we usually start outdoor practices on tennis courts, basketball courts, and parking lots if the fields are too wet to play on.  If Mother Nature cooperates, and the city has time to prepare the fields we MAY get to use the fields prior to the season start.  You can check our web site for an announcement when the fields open.
  • How many games will my child play?
    • The number of games vary based on the number of teams in the league.  Here is a guideline (but not an absolute) of the games played at each level.
      • Majors - 14 games, at least 2 playoff games, and 1 weekly practice
      • Majors Prep - 14 games, at least 2 playoff games, and 1 weekly practice
      • Minors - 12 games, at least 2 playoff games, and 1 weekly practice
      • AAA - 12 games, and 1 weekly practice
      • AA - 12 games, and 1 weekly practice
      • T-Ball - 8 games, and 1 weekly practice
  • How long do the games last?
    • Ages 8-12 most games last no longer than 2 hours
    • Ages 5-7 most games last no longer than 1 ½ hours
  • What days of the week are games played?
    • Games are played different days of the week, but all players will have a game scheduled on Saturday.  We do not have any regular scheduled games on Sunday.  We reserve Sundays for rain make-up games.
  • Where are the games played?
    • Majors will play on Langelier field at the Williams St. facility
    • Majors Prep will play on Martinangelo field at the Williams St. facility
    • Minors will play on LeDuc field at the Williams St. facility
    • AAA will play on one of the fields at Jaworek School or Richer School
    • AA will play on on one of the fields at Jaworek School or Richer School
    • T-Ball will play on the field behind Kane School
  • What color will my child play on?
    • Players age 5-7 are randomly placed on a team.  They may or may not be on the same color from year to year.  Teams are built around coaches.
    • Players age 8-12 will be drafted to a color and remain in the same color through youth baseball.
  • What are evaluations?
    • Evaluations take place to allow coaches to observe the players skill level and create a chart for drafting players.  Players will get a chance to field, throw, hit, and run.  
  • How long do evaluations last?
    • We usually block out a two, 2 hour time period to evaluate players.  Usually consecutive weekends.  BUT, each player will only participate for about 15 minutes.  Once they are done their drills, they may leave.   Players are evaluated in the order they sign up, so if you get there early, you can leave early.
  • When does my child need to attend evaluations?
    • Once your child reaches league age 8 (CLICK HERE to see the age chart) he/she needs to attend 1 of the evaluation dates.  
  • What happens if I miss the evaluations?
    • If your child does not attend evaluations he/she will be temporarily placed on an Organization color and will play for that color for 1 season.  Next year they must attend 1 evaluation so they can be drafted to an Organization permanently.
  • What is the draft?
    • Our draft works almost the same way as a major league draft works.  Based on regular season standings, a draft order is determined.  In order, Organizations get to choose any player from the evaluation list.  Once drafted, that player becomes a permanent part of their organization.  
  • Why does MYBA do a draft?
    • MYBA does a draft to create equity among teams.  The theory is, the weaker organizations get to draft first and the stronger organizations draft later.  This helps to balance the skill level out in each organization.  Hopefully we don’t end up with an Organization with a lot of very advanced players or an Organization with a lot of novice players.
  • What happens after the draft?
    • Shortly following the draft, someone from the organization will contact you informing you which color you will be part of.
  • What does the league supply?
    • Each player will get a uniform that consists of a team hat, a jersey, and pants.  We also have batting helmets at every field, some equipped with face masks.  Keep in mind, even though we periodically spray our equipment with disinfectant, there is always a risk of germs spreading when using community helmets.
  • What equipment/clothing does my child need to get for the season?
    • At a minimum, you will need to buy cleats, socks, and a fielding glove.  We strongly recommend getting your own batting helmet to avoid any sharing of germs.  Helmets will usually fit for 3 or 4 years.  We also recommend buying a bat, that way your child can practice on their own.
  • What bat should I buy?
    • There are many manufacturers of great bats on the market, but the size and weight of the bat is more important than the manufacturer.  You simply need to decide what your budget is and select a bat that is the correct size.  Time and time again, we see players show up to practice or a game with a bat that is way too big for them.  Use this sizing guideline to get a bat that your son or daughter can comfortably swing.
  • When does the season end?
    • The regular season usually ends in early June.  
  • Are there play-offs?
    • YES  but only for Minors, Majors Prep and Majors.  The play-offs usually start the first week June and usually last 2 weeks or so depending on the weather.  The play-offs are a double elimination style tournament and ALL teams make the play-offs.
  • How can I apply to become a coach for MYBA?
    • Simply fill out a coaches application form (CLICK HERE) and fill out a CORI form (CLICK HERE).  Submit both forms to the address on the form and a league representative will contact you with the information to move forward.  For more detailed information and to read the Coaching Information document, (CLICK HERE).
  • How many fundraisers does MYBA do per year?
    • MYBA only does 1 fundraiser for the regular season.  Our annual fundraiser is a calendar raffle.  Winners are drawn and prizes are given away each day in June.  All proceeds from this fundraiser are used to keep the costs down for playing baseball.  Our registration fees alone are not enough to cover the expenses of running a league.  There are other baseball programs in MYBA,MIST, and All Stars that do a separate fund raiser to pay for travel and tournament expenses.
  • What is the All Star Program I keep hearing about?
    • The All-Star Program stands in fairly stark contrast to our regular season program.  All-Star play is meant to be a fairly challenging experience for kids who wish to engage in tournament play against competitive teams from out of town.  Our main tournament experience is the Cal Ripken District, State, and hopefully Regional Tournament play, in which Cal Ripken teams from all over Massachusetts and the North East participate.   

      Typically our league strives to field four “A” all-star teams (12, 11, 10 & 9U) and four “B” all-star teams at the same age groups. (subject to sufficient numbers and coach candidates) The “B” teams do not travel and would participate in The Marlborough MIST Summer Invitational League (games are only held Friday – Sundays thru August).
      For more information, visit our website and click on the “All Star” tab.  (
  • What is the Summer Baseball Program I keep hearing about?
    • The Summer League is open to players who are currently league age 7-12. See the league age chart here.  This league is intended to provide a greater amount of instruction and to prepare players for the next level of play in MYBA.  Teams are generally larger than the regular season because it is expected that kids may miss some games due to vacations. Summer League baseball is designed to be an INSTRUCTIONAL & FUN LEAGUE focusing on preparing players for the next season.  (CLICK HERE) for more information and to print a registration form.
  • How do I file a complaint?
    • A list of all the directors can be found on our website.  Simply email the director in charge of your son or daughters league and he/she will contact you.
  • What is Babe Ruth?
    • Babe Ruth is the league for players age 13 and above.  For more information, visit the Babe Ruth tab on our website or (CLICK HERE).