Marlborough, MA
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Want to be a baseball Manager or coach for MYBA?

MYBA uses volunteers as team managers and coaches.  Usually parents of players on teams will volunteer to coach, but we do not limit those positions to parents of players only.  Even if you do not have children in the league, you can still apply to coach.



  • You must fill out a Coaching Application Form and submit it to MYBA prior to the beginning of the season.
  • You must fill out and submit a National Background Check prior to any official meetings with the players (practices, games, team meetings, etc)
  • You must attend and complete a mandatory Coaching Clinic, payed for and set up by MYBA.  (this clinic is required but there is no charge to the coaches who attend)
  • You must have a phone, an email account and access to the internet.  All rosters and correspondence is done through our league website.

Managers expectations and duties



  • Team Managers are responsible for organizing and running the team.  Tasks would include, but are not limited to the following:
    • attending a preseason managers meeting with the director of your league
    • preseason player contacts
    • sorting and passing out team uniforms
    • evaluating drafted players
    • finding assistant coaches
    • finding a team parent
    • team roster set up
    • practice planning
    • game planning (batting order and fielding roster)
    • entering team statistics after each game o the website
    • setting up a “Snack Shack Duty” schedule for the parents of your team
    • pre game field preparation
    • emptying trash after each game
    • managing any issues that arise throughout the season

Coaches expectations and duties



  • Team Assistant Coaches are responsible for helping the team manager fulfill his/her duties.   All assistant coaches are expected to help in the execution of the managers plans for the season.  MYBA will allow up to 3 assistant coaches for each game.  Duties could include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Bench coach - make sure all players are aware of the batting order.  Also make sure players are behaving and showing good sportsmanship at all times.
    • Fielding coach - make sure all players know the position they will be playing each inning BEFORE the inning starts.
    • Base Coach - When batting, it is recommended that 2 coaches be present on the field to coach players while on base.  1 coach at 1st base and 1 at 3rd.  It is up to the Manager as to who coaches which base.
    • Coaches can also fill in as Manager if the official team manager is missing from a game or practice.