Marlborough, MA
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CORI Instructions (NEW)
All Managers, Coaches and paid MYBA employees (example:  Umpires) over the age of 18

The City of Marlborough requires you to submit to a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) background check request form.  This form is required prior to close contact with minor children prior to all MYBA seasons.  This applies to all divisions of MYBA (Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth)

The required CORI Policy for MYBA is posted HERE.

The state of MA has recently changed to the new iCORI system.  Previous versions of the CORI request form are not accepted as new information is now required. 
Please find the new iCORI request form 
1. The form must be completed on the computer and then printed out. 
2. WE MUST CHECK “NO” for the question asking if you are applying for an indigency waiver. 
3. We MUST NOT CHECK the box requesting a certified copy. 
4. The printed form must be notarized before being submitted. 
5. The notarized form must be submitted to your league director or mailed to our league CORI Rep. 
6. The $25.00 fee is waived for MYBA by the state, send no money, this is FREE for us. 
If you want to print the directions, click HERE
If mailing your notarized form, please mail to:
Bob Levine
32 Queensview Rd
Marlborough, MA  01752

To get your form notarized:
  • One suggestion is MYBA Board Member  Bob Levine (508) 485-7006,  .
  • You may go to any notary public and have them do it for you.
If you have any questions, please contact the director for your league.  A list of all the directors can be found by clicking HERE or by visiting our "Contacts" tab on our web site.

CORI form link HERE