Marlborough, MA
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2023 MYBA

For those of you not familiar with the All-Star Program, it is meant to be a fairly challenging experience for kids who wish to engage in tournament play against competitive teams from out of town.  Our main tournament experience is the Cal Ripken District & State Tournament play, in which Cal Ripken teams from all over Massachusetts participate.   In addition, MYBA usually enters 3-5 additional tournaments during the Summer All-Star season. 

The teams will be selected following each teams scheduled tryouts, based on tryout evaluations, input of regular season coaches and prior game performance.  In order to be selected for a team, you must attend a minimum of one tryout. We recommend you attend both, but one only one tryout is mandatory.




What is the All-Star Program?

All-Star tournaments are typically organized by age-grouped teams. Accordingly, it's typically our league's plan (subject to sufficient numbers of interested kids and available coaches) to assemble five all-star teams: a 12, 11, 10, 9 & 8U team.

Who can participate?
Any player league age 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 who is actively enrolled in the spring league for the town of Marlborough.  In order to qualify, the player must attend at least 50% of the spring recreation league games to be eligible for the All Stars. 


Does My Child Have to Show Up at Both Evaluation Sessions?

It is strongly encouraged to make all sessions if at all possible.


How much of a Time Commitment Can I Expect? 

Schedule is contingent on success of team: More You Win, Further You Advance in All Tournaments, More Games you play. Typically, the “A” team’s season begins in late June and ends very early August.  


Can I take a Summer Vacation?

Yes, you can take vacation. However, it is highly encouraged that team players attempt to defer your vacation until after District & State Tournaments are held in early to mid-July. Some prefer to defer their plans until August. Players scheduled absence for vacation during District and State Tournaments will be taken into consideration when selecting a team. 


What are the Costs We Can Expect?

The registration fee is estimated to be $300 per player.  These fees will cover essential costs: Insurance, Equipment, Uniforms and tournament entry fees.  Local travel and hotel costs do pop up if the team advances in particular tournaments. This might occur 1-2 times during a very successful season.